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Fairey Swordfish (Book)

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 Warpaint books

 Fully illustrated, including general arrangement drawings in Scale

36 Pages + 4 Pages of Plans. Card Covers

Designed with both the aircraft enthusiast and the modeller in mind,

this series offers a comprehensive and accurate account of a single aircraft type within each issue.

 Drawings provided in both colour side and plan view with 1:72 scale plans, kit decal and accessory lists, squadrons,

 units and individual aircraft serials in codes, etc.

The Fairey Swordfish must rank as one of the most famous aircraft of World War 2

 if not the most famous biplane in the history of aviation.

 Conceived as early 1930 it was still operational when the war finished in 1945.

 By then 2,392 had been produced in three marks.

Ref: WP12